School Violence Alarms Kids

The number of school shootings continues to mount, as do the casualties. We keep asking ourselves, "Who, or what is to blame?"

CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Thalia Assuras put that same question to some suburban high school students in Ridgewood, N.J., where students were getting ready for this weekend's prom. Here's what some of them had to say:

Joe Ferico, 10th Grade
"It's really, really scary. I doubt that it will happen here, but there's that chance that someone might snap and it will happen to us."

Some experts are saying it has to do with the way boys think they have to be. Tough. What do you think of that?

Miriam Frankel, 9th Grade
"I know from personal experience, high school is so stressful. You have to find a way to cope or vent. With guys you have to be so macho, because it's more accepted for girls to cry and share emotions, which I think is very unfortunate. I think boys need counseling just as much as girls do, and they need the attention."

Dena Brody, 9th Grade
"Many people think that girls have so many more problems in adolescence. With guys it's [supposed to be] so much easier. It's not."

What do you guys do, if you're feeling really down?

Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon, 12th Grade
"I just sit down and relax, listen to music, maybe go out exercise, watch some TV. Whatever it takes, just to relieve the stress."

Eduardo Castellanos, 12th Grade
"Try to tell one of your friends. If you trust one of your friends, you can tell them. A lot of people have become so paranoid about the shootings that now they feel even more stress. Just not worrying about it as much would actually help everything."

What do you think the rest of us should be doing to help kids out like you?

Roy Simpadian, 12th Grade
"A lot has to do with elementary school students and younger kids at an earlier level teaching them it's all right to express yourself."