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Schmoozing At Warp Speed

CBS News' Fernando Suarez reports: At New York State Farm Day, a Capitol Hill event sponsored by the office of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton earlier this week, the Senator displayed in true fashion what it's like to be, well, Hillary Clinton.

The event was held in a grandiose hall inside the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC where tables covered with everything from wine bottles to maple syrup lined the four walls of the room.

The group of local New York state farmers and wine producers were asked not to approach the Senator when she came in, but rather let her visit each of their tables.

From the minute the former First Lady walked in, she began to 'grip and grin' with each one of the participants - and like her husband - they all received the full-blown Clinton treatment. Amazingly, during her short 36 minute visit, Clinton was able to fit in time to pose for more than 100 photographs, sip on 2 glasses of wine, eat homemade guacamole and tortilla chips, sample ice cream and eat a New York State apple. She gave out 8 hugs, 9 kisses on the cheek, gave 5 brief interviews to local press, and signed an autograph.

But just posing for pictures and eating isn't enough, she also engaged the crowd, so as Clinton passed each of the booths she would say the same thing…like "looks great" (18 times) or say, "Good to see you, how are you?" (More than 35 times). And as she walked the room sampling different dishes she would always say, "This is so good" more than 15 times, in fact.

Finally, after posing for some more photographs, the Senator thanked the crowd of about 200 hundred people before departing with her staff through the side entrance…perhaps to take a breather.

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