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Schadenfreude to start your week slightly better

(CBS News) So, it's Monday... uh, yeah. Can you believe the weekend flew by so fast? I don't know about you, but it felt like I left the office late Friday night, ran some errands on Saturday, did brunch on Sunday and then found myself right back in the office again with a whole new work week ahead of me. Sigh. So why don't we engage in a tiny bit of schadenfreude to start your week off... well, not exactly right, but possibly a bit better off than the poor guy in this video above.

Awwww... so very, very close! Now, let me just state that your blogger here is all about the winning moments over failing ones, along with providing context and updates to posts. Unfortunately, the very random and short clip was posted on YouTube with absolutely no additional information provided. So, I can't write to tell you that the biker eventually conquered that (slightly) steep ledge and went on to achieve glory and greatness in a multitude of personal and professional arenas to brighten up your Monday. But let's just all assume that he did, m'kay? (Or, at least, that he didn't hesitate near the top when he could have totally made it otherwise. Just saying.)

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