Scaring Up Top Halloween Flicks

Halloween is this Friday and there's nothing like watching a horror movie to get into the spirit.

Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Dalton Ross, editor of Entertainment Weekly to get the top five horror flicks for fright night.

Ross' No. 5 film is "Night of the Living Dead."

"Zombies are not to be taken lightly Maggie," he said. "They will either kill you or turn you into one of them or eat your brains. And I'm not a fan of either of those options."

The No. 4 flick is "Halloween."

"I have nightmares with Michael Myers and that music, I can't think of scarier music than the Halloween music," Rodriguez admitted.

"It was composed by the director John Carpenter. He sort of set the template for serial killer movies. What's so scary about it there are no supernatural forces at play here -- there's just a deranged lunatic on the loose -- which could happen," he said. "You watch this and jump off your seat when you hear everything outside."

The No. 3 flick is "The Shining."

"It's always classic horror images. We know about the snowy hedge maze chase. Shrubbery has never been scarier than in that chase," he said with a laugh. "You've got the creepy twins and you've got the blood pouring out of the elevator and throw Jack Nicholson with a big knife on top of it and you have the ingredients right there. It's all about the fear of isolation and madness that can ensue because of that."

The No. 2 flick was the movie that made people scared to shower, "Psycho."

"I think I stank two years after that movie. I couldn't go anywhere near a shower. Do you blame me? What was so remarkable was that the main character dies halfway through the movie. That's really jarring and then you throw Norman Bates in there dressed up as his mother and it's just one freak show," he said.

"Starring is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis of 'Halloween' -- a little family dynasty of horror movies," Rodriguez said.

The No. 1 horror movie on Ross' list is "The Exorcist."

"What's Halloween without some demonic possession? You take an adorable little girl and she becomes a vessel of Satan and she's vomiting pea soup all over the floor," Ross said.

Rodriguez suggested Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith's Halloween flick of choice, "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

"It's a great film as well. A Tim Burton, animated film," Ross said. "I don't know if it's as frightening as some of the other ones but a delightful little treat. I love it too."