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Save Search Time with Google Sitelinks

Try a little experiment: Do a Google search for BNET (indulge me this bit of nepotism). You'll see the usual batch of search results, with BNET at the top. But look just below that first link and you'll see seven indented sub-links. Perhaps you've noticed these before in other searches, but glossed right over them because you're so accustomed to clicking that main link. Gloss no more: These sub-links, which Google calls Sitelinks, can save you time by leap-frogging you directly to a desired page.

In the BNET example, you can click straight through to the Business Library, Management section, Insight section (home of Business Hacks, ahem), and so on. Another great example: Search for HP and you'll find Sitelinks for supports, software & driver downloads, notebooks & tablet PCs, and other commonly visited areas of the site. That's a lot faster than loading the HP homepage, scanning for the area you want, then drilling deeper and deeper into the site.

Google recently bumped the number of Sitelinks from four to a maximum of eight. You won't see them for every Google search, but when they do appear, it's worth taking that extra couple seconds to scan them.

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