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Saturday @10: A 48 Hours Exclusive

In his first exclusive network interview with 48 Hours Mystery, Dr. Timothy Stryker addressed the accusations of murder that have dogged him for 15 years. Now, dramatic new details have emerged in the death of his former girlfriend Dr. Linda Goudey.

In 1993, Goudey's body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. The beloved OB/GYN had been strangled in an attack so brutal it left injuries at 24 separate places on her body. Immediately, authorities turned to her then boyfriend, Dr. Stryker, whose attempts to help their investigation further fueled their suspicions of his involvement. But with only circumstantial evidence, the case went cold.

While authorities did not have enough for a criminal case, Goudey's family pressed on and filed a civil suit against Stryker, who was now married with a successful practice. With his wife Micael standing by him throughout the trial, Stryker was found responsible of Goudey's death and her family was awarded $15 million.

Soon after the civil case verdict, a new witness emerged. This was just the break Stryker needed, but to some this new development seemed a little too convenient. The criminal case would take a turn that no one could've imagined. Is Dr. Timothy Stryker a calculating murderer or is he an innocent man fighting to clear his name?

Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports on the stunning new developments Saturday, Juen 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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