Sara Dimmick: Mind, Body & Spirit

Sara Dimmick is my trainer and to whom I'll be forever grateful for whipping me into shape after having three kids. I begin every workout with these words, "Oh, Sara, I'm so tired today, please take it easy on me," then she proceeds to kick my butt. At least she's nice about it! I like her workout philosophy. Check out her Web site and read below to see what's important in her life.

I believe in a strong connection between mind, body and spirit. Exercise and movement are not just for making the outside look better, but also for feeling good, thinking clearly and having a sense of purpose.

I believe exercise should be fun and everyone can find some physical activity that they enjoy whether it is with a group, by themselves, inside a gym or outdoors. My job is rewarding when my clients see progress, accomplish their goals and, best of all, have a good time doing it! — Sara Dimmick