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Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Bruno, Sued For Assault and Battery, Inciting a Riot

Sacha Baron Cohen as "Bruno" (Getty Images/Kevin Winter)

LOS ANGELES (CBS) "Bruno" star Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to criticism; this time he's facing a $25,000 lawsuit from a cameraman who says he tangled with Cohen's gay fashionista persona in 2008.

Mike Skiff is suing Cohen for assault, battery and inciting a riot, stemming from the day he encountered Bruno camera crews at a demonstration in Los Angeles about gay marriage, says E! News.

Skiff's lawsuit claims Cohen and his crew arrived at the Prop 8 demonstration, with advocates both for and against gay marriage, looking to start trouble.

Bruno Productions and its members were allegedly toting "Yes on 8" (no on legalization) signs "to promote violent discord between the assembled 'yes' and 'no' factions," reports E! News.

Skiff goes on to say he was "shoved, pulled, and wrestled in a vicious and blatant attempt" to keep him from filming the event, all the while fearing that he would be "clubbed with wooden signs."

In the court documents filed Tuesday, Skiff, who is gay, claims he has the right to go about his business free from violence and intimidation directed at his sexual orientation, says the entertainment news site.

According to E! News, Skiff is seeking at least $25,000 in punitive damages, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses and general damages.