Sabrina Weill: From One Mom to Another

Sabrina Weill edited my book "Notre Dame Inspirations," and has continued to be a friend and adviser. She had a lot of input on this blog, and runs her own business, Weill Media, while raising two young kids. She launched Project: AngelMom, where moms help other mother's in need. Typical of Sabrina, it's an awesome idea.

Here she talks more about the inspiring project that is so important to her and how you can get involved.

(Elizabeth Lippmann )
I was a magazine editor for 14 years (I was formerly Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen) and often worked on stories about families in dire circumstances.

Recently, I launched Project: AngelMom, which publishes direct-donation information for the real people behind those heartbreaking headlines.

Since 100 percent of all donations made through the site go directly to the featured families, even small donations add up to make a big difference!

So, I hope you'll check out Project: AngelMom and change someone's life today. — Sabrina Weill