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Russell Crowe Kidnap Threat

In Gladiator, he played a Roman general who was kidnapped.

In Proof Of Life, he plays a kidnap-and-ransom expert.

In real life, he's a movie star someone wants to kidnap.

Entertainment Tonight reports the FBI is investigating a plot to kidnap Russell Crowe, and ET host Mary Hart says the agency is taking the threat seriously.

"The FBI contacted Scotland Yard because last week, he had the premiere of Proof Of Life in London," she said.

"Prior to the Golden Globes, we had gained word that there was a plan by suspects to kidnap Russell Crowe," FBI spokesman Matthew McLaughlin told CBS Radio News. "Since that time, we've been investigating and coordinating closely with him and his security to prevent that from happening."

Crowe told ET that he appreciated the help he was getting from the FBI.

"At the Golden Globe awards, before anyone knew about this plot, he apparently had FBI agents with him dressed in tuxedoes," said Hart, "and when Russell came up on our platform [to be interviewed], you would never [have known] anything was bothering him. He was in a good mood, he was very jovial.

"But we did notice on the tape as we went back and looked at it that he was surrounded by tuxedoed unidentified men."

Crowe's publicist, Robin Baum, said, "We're aware of (the plot) and the FBI has been helpful in guiding us, and he (Crowe) has taken the necessary security precautions."

Gladiator is nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including best picture. Crowe has a best actor nomination for his role.

The actor is scheduled to host a screening of the film in Los Angeles on Friday.

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