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Run OpenOffice in Your Web Browser

This is fairly incredible: A company called Ulteo has made it possible to run OpenOffice -- the beloved open-source office suite -- in your Web browser. No big application to download to your PC, no software to install or run. What's more, Ulteo's service provides real-time collaboration capabilities, meaning multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously. Suddenly OpenOffice is looking like a fairly robust competitor to the likes of Google Docs and Zoho -- to say nothing of Office Live Workspace.

During the beta trial, you can sign up for a free account with 1GB of storage. I had no trouble getting browser-based OpenOffice to run in Firefox, and dang if it didn't look and operate just like the desktop version (though it was definitely on the sluggish side, which is probably inevitable given the size and complexity of the software). Things are definitely heating up in the hosted-software arena. [via Webware]

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