What will Harry and Meghan's lives be like in their new roles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

LONDON -- Millions around the world watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first kiss -- and their first steps together as husband and wife. After so many questions about the dress, the tiara, the cake, the flowers, walking down the aisle - and with whom – the now Duchess of Sussex faces the biggest one yet: What's next?

"How do I use my position now – as a global figure – as a new princess – what can I do with that?" said royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah. 

She points out that it was Meghan and Harry's mutual interest in giving back that first drew them to each other, so we should expect to see them blending their charitable interests following in the spirit of Princess Diana

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"I think we're going to see her keep a lot of her own style – she's not going to give up all of her characteristics just because she married a prince," Nikkhah said. 

When CBS News met Harry in Brazil back in 2012 he was still looking for love, and appreciated how hard it would be to find.

He said that "not at all" does it live up the fairytale. "As any girl would ever tell you -- it's, it's sort of 'oh my god, he's a prince," Harry said in 2012. 

Six years later, he's found and married the woman he thinks is up to the task -- able to endure the often-glaring spotlight.

Nikkhah said a perk is "she gets to live in a palace, if you consider that a perk." 

Not just any palace, but Kensington, located in the heart of London,  where the couple lives. Royal fans tell CBS News the couple is already bringing change.  

"They're so involved and so wanting to help other people – minorities and charities of all sorts… and I think they'll continue to do more and more as a team," said Toni MacKenzie said. Her daugther, Melissa MacKenzie, called them a "true power couple." 

While this newest royal will face countless pressures and protocols, there is one far-more important perk. "I suppose the biggest perk is that she married the love of her life," Nikkhah said. 

Marrying into – and shaking up – royal tradition.