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Royal couple a hit at good will tour last stop

In recent weeks, we've seen Prince William and Kate Middleton in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Today, they were in the small Northern England community of Darwen, in Lancashire, where they opened a community center there. Thousands turned out, despite the inclement weather, to try to catch a glimpse of the couple.

Royal contributor Victoria Arbiter, who also braved the elements, told "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill that, in addition to launching the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, the couple, among other things, went to a park to highlight the importance of having green space and encourage people to be outside, off the sofa, out enjoying life, even when it's pouring rain!

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While the weather may not have been ideal, Hill pointed out, it was a very significant day -- the couple's last of four stops throughout the United Kingdom in a pre-nuptials good will tour.

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"We've seen them flip pancakes in Ireland, visit their Alma mater in Scotland, christen a boat in Wales, and they're having a great time in northern England," Arbiter added. "There's been an incredible turnout, especially considering the weather. We've got schoolchildren all awaiting a glimpse of the new princess. So it's been a very successful morning."

Arbiter also pointed out that there have been some new peeks at the guest list.

According to Arbiter, there aren't many surprises, but one is that there's not quite the celebrity circus you would imagine from a wedding of this scale.

The Beckhams, Elton John, director Guy Ritchie, and actor Rowan Atkinson have all made the list but, Arbiter noted, "We're also seeing a lot of loyalty rewarded -- people who have been very good to Prince William throughout his life, from his house master at Eaton College. His head master at his prep school. Even his very first nanny, Barbara Barnes is on the list.

"Loyalty means a lot to this royal couple. We're also seeing people that have contributed vast sums of money to Prince Charles' charities and many of the papers are reporting that there are business associates of both the Middleton's and Prince Charles. We're definitely seeing invitations given as a reward to people who have both been good, helpful, given money, all that kind of thing."

Believe it or not, there are also several exes of both the bride and groom on the list.

"We have to remember," Arbiter said, "that these people that are exes have been friends for way longer than they were ever a boyfriend or a girlfriend. On the girlfriend list is Rose Parkwell, William's very first girlfriend, Jecca Craig, rumored to be William's very first love and Arabella Musgrave, who he was dating right before he went to St. Andrews -- she's part of the reason he was so unhappy during this first term. All great friends now. Jecca Craig's family has an estate in Kenya that William and Kate have visited.

So who says you can't just be friends with your exes? For the royals, even break-ups are civilized.

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