Royal wedding photographer Alexi Lubomirski on new children's book, royal baby

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski on gratitude

The world watched with excitement as Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle almost one year ago. Fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski, who was there to capture the official portraits of the royal couple on their wedding day and their engagement photos prior, said he hadn't been asked to take photos of the royal baby as of Monday, hours before the baby's birth was announced.

"First time I came on the show, I'd only done the engagement and I didn't know about the wedding one. So same situation now. If they call me, fantastic. If not, I've had a wonderful run with them," Lubomirski said. He said he thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be "amazing" parents.

"Listen, they're just a beautiful young couple in love. They've got their heads screwed on straight, and they're going to be amazing," he said.

Lubomirski is out with a new children's book, "Thank You for My Dreams: Bedtime Prayers of Gratitude," which he wrote with his two sons. He explained how his habit of gratitude began in his 20s.


"You notice how your body reacts when you start to feel depressed or sad or angry about something. And I wanted to switch it, and so I started saying thank you's and focusing a couple of minutes on two things I was grateful for. And you immediately notice the change in your demeanor. And the problem will still be there, but you're in a better space to deal with it," Lubomirski said.

He passed this advice on to his sons, who had observed his practice.

"After a few months they got more and more fluent until one night, we were on holiday and started saying thank you's and they didn't stop. And they went on for hours," Lubomirski said. So he started writing them down. "I was just a secretary on this job."

So the book is filled with his sons' thank you's, from "Thank you for the feeling when I laugh because it makes me so happy and then I laugh more" to "Thank you for making me patient when I keep trying to do something that doesn't work. Like when I was learning to ride a bicycle and kept hurting myself."

"In everything. It's really about… being thankful for things that we take for granted every day," he said.