Romney to get Secret Service protection

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, sings "America the Beautiful" as he campaigns at Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages, Fla., Monday, Jan. 30, 2012.
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak
former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, sings "America the Beautiful"
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

TAMPA, Florida -- Mitt Romney will be getting secret service by Thursday, CBS News and National Journal have confirmed.

Romney's security has been stepped up over the last few weeks, particularly in Florida. In just the last two days, there has been a bomb sniffing dog and SWAT agent on hand at events.

It is rumored that the campaign had been in talks with the Secret Service for some time to receive further protection, but a particularly rowdy crowd on New Hampshire's primary day, January 10, may have expedited the decision. There, a large mob surrounded Mitt and Ann Romney as they headed to a polling station in Manchester.

Until this point, Romney's security has been somewhat sparse. He has rarely had more than one security guard with him at events.

Herman Cain was the only other candidate in the 2012 election to receive secret service. Technically, such protection is not necessarily a given for presidential candidates until they win their party's nomination.

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