Romney Spreads (And Then Flaps) His Wings


Over the past few days, Mitt Romney has added a new campaign stump story to his arsenal. The governor has a slew of go-to jokes and family tales with which he likes to warm up his audiences before getting into the nuts and bolts of his campaign. But none of the stories so far have been as interactive as this one.

It's a tale about how his sons once nurtured and then set free five baby birds whose nest they accidentally disturbed (we learned yesterday that a sixth bird could not be saved. R.I.P.) When Romney gets to the part about how his son Matt was trying to encourage the baby grackles to fly again by mimicking a bird himself, the governor … well … he flaps his arms.

Romney received some good-natured ribbing from the press corps over his dramatic interpretations, and the governor took it all in stride.

Watch this clip to see a pair of Governor Romney's bird impressions in North Conway and Tuftonboro, New Hampshire. And cut the man some slack—it's the holidays!

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    Scott Conroy is a National Political Reporter for RealClearPolitics and a contributor for CBS News.