Romney calls Pa. family at center of T-shirt flap

Pennsylvania high school student Samantha Pawlucy (right) says he was ridiculed by her teacher for wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt.
CBS Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA Mitt Romney has called the family of a 16-year-old Philadelphia girl who says she was mocked by her geometry teacher for wearing a Romney T-shirt in class.

Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka says the Republican presidential candidate called Samantha Pawlucy's home on Wednesday.

Gorka says Samantha wasn't home but her mother was. He says Romney told her that he appreciated her daughter's courage.

Last week, Samantha told CBS 3 in Philadelphia on why she endorsed the candidate: "I'm in favor of Mitt Romney because he's against abortion which is one thing I'm against."

Samantha recalled the response she got from the teacher when she wore the shirt. "First she told me to get out of class, then I say, 'no,' and she goes in the hallway and she says, 'This girl is wearing a Romney-Ryan shirt,'" said Samantha.

The girl briefly returned to Charles Carroll High School on Tuesday. But her father says she never actually made it to class because she felt uncomfortable. He says Samantha and two other high-school age children in his home will now be transferring to another school.

The teacher has apologized, but hasn't returned to school as she awaits the results of a school district investigation.

"I'm very sorry for all the chaos and negative attention that has surrounded the school in the past couple of weeks," the teacher, Lynette Gaymon, wrote in a letter. "What I meant as a light and humorous remark during class has developed into a huge conflict between students, faculty, parents and neighbors. My words were never meant to belittle Ms. Pawlucy, or cause any harm, and I truly regret that we have come to this point."