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Trump makes no mention of Mueller report in remarks at GOP dinner in Florida

Next steps for the Mueller report

Hours after Robert Mueller submitted his report on Friday evening, President Trump briefly spoke at a Republican party dinner in Florida — but made no mention of it. Mr. Trump and Melania Trump introduced Sen. Lindsey Graham, the keynote speaker at the Palm Beach County Republican Dinner at Mar-a-Lago. 

Mr. Trump walked onstage smiling and was greeted by cheers. He introduced Graham as "my real friend," according to video posted on social media. The event was closed to the press. 

In video posted to by Florida GOP Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler, Mr. Trump and Graham appeared to be talking at a table. Earlier this week, Graham honored his late friend, Sen. John McCain, who Mr. Trump had spent much of the week criticizing. Graham called McCain "an American hero and nothing will ever diminish that" and said Mr. Trump's comments "hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of Sen. McCain." 

About 700 people were in attendance at the event, CBS West Palm affiliate WPEC reported. It was the first year since 2013 it was closed to the press. 

Mr. Trump landed in Palm Beach around noon. In the afternoon, Mr. Trump met with leaders from Caribbean nations.

Mueller submitted his long-awaited report at 5 p.m. to Attorney General William Barr. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement shortly afterward that the White House "has not received or been briefed on the special counsel's report."

A senior Justice Department official told CBS News that Mueller is not recommending any further indictments.

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