Rob And Amber's Prime-Time Wedding

For a little pre-wedding planning, correspondent Tracy Smith met up with Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich in the Bahamas. And in typical Rob Mariano style, he promised Smith that this is going to make the Trump wedding look understated! The following is Smith's behind-the-scenes look.
"I'm a kid from Boston," Rob says, "She's a kid from Pennsylvania. We got together on a show; they're throwing a boatload of money at us and saying, 'Make the wedding of your most wildest dreams.'"

So to do that, they chose the Bahamas and a place called Atlantis Paradise Island.

Atlantis is a sprawling 45-acre resort. Picture Disneyland with sand, where the fake beach is often more popular than the real beach. It's the perfect wedding spot for a couple who met and feel in love on reality TV.

When Rob popped the question on the live finale of "Survivor: All-Stars," they became the couple America loved to love.

Then came "The Amazing Race," where some found them not quite so lovable after all.

Still, when I joined them in Atlantis Paradise Island, two weeks before the wedding, their love for each other was obvious.

Asked if she has had any cold feet, Amber says, "I'll admit the fact that we've had our times when we've had it out, and stressed on each other, but that's why we're there for each other."