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Were RNC protesters handing out poisoned stickers to police?

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Police say a Georgia state trooper treated for skin irritation came into contact with a sticker in Cleveland's downtown Public Square during protests surrounding the Republican National Convention.

Cleveland police said via Twitter it's not clear whether the sticker contributed to the trooper's skin irritation.

The trooper was treated and released.

Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said Thursday a Cleveland police officer was also treated for skin irritation that didn't involve a sticker.

Protesters placed yellow stickers on the law enforcement officials Thursday that read, "I am awesome," reported CBS affiliate WOIO. The Cleveland officer reported numbness in his neck, WOIO reported.

Ciaccia said officers were investigating and urging people not to take stickers from people they don't know. They advised those who had received a sticker from a stranger to remove it and wash the area with soap.

Authorities are also testing the stickers, and looking for the people who passed them out, WOIO reports.

It is unclear if any particular protest group was involved.

Thursday marks the last day of the Republican National Convention. Ciaccia says police continue to monitor convention protests.

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