Rihanna's Sexy Body Not Free: Trainer Cindy Percival Wants $26,000 for Workouts

(Def Jam)
NEW YORK (CBS) If the editors of Crimesider worked out with exclusive trainers that charged more than $1,500 a day, we might also be as sexy and fit as superstar Rihanna. Ok, probably not.

But, we hope we would pay our bills.

According to TMZ, the stunningly toned singer is being sued by trainer Cindy Percival for an outstanding bill of more than $26,000.

The shocking total only covers a couple of week's worth of work out sessions, says the site.

Who knows how the lawsuit will turn out, but the results are clearly on display in Rihanna's new "Rude Boy" video in which the 22-year-old struts her stuff in skin tight body suits mimicking zebra stripes and lion skin.