Richard Cooke, Ariz. man, allegedly killed two neighbors with one bullet in dispute over goats

CBS News
CBS News

(CBS/AP) PINON, Ariz.- A man is facing two first-degree murder charges for allegedly shooting a father and a son with a single bullet in a dispute over goats, reports the Arizona Daily Sun.

Richard Cooke was arrested for allegedly shooting Elvin Tachine and his son, Leveil Natoni, last month. The Gallup Independent reports that according to a criminal complaint the men were fighting over Tachine's goats wandering into Cooke's property.

Police say Cooke shot one of the men twice. The second bullet went through the first victim's chest then struck the second victim, who was standing right behind the first victim, in the chest.

It was unclear if the single shot is what killed the first victim or if he died from both shots.