Revisiting The Decade Of Disco

The Early Show, "Laugh-in" legend JoAnne Worley, and the series' executive producer, Meredith Ross
CBS/The Early Show
With the success of VH1's "I Love the 80s" mini-series last year, it isn't surprising that a groovy prequel entitled "I Love the '70s," is set to open.

"Laugh-in" legend JoAnne Worley and the series' executive producer, Meredith Ross, spoke with The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm to give her a mini retrospective on the decade of bellbottoms and roller derbies.

Wearing white polyester pants and a colorful blouse that is not polyester, "but acts like it," Worley broke into song.

"Polyester, polyester you can jester with polyester
Polyester, polyester you can fester under polyester."

If the '80s was the "me" decade, Ross notes, the '70s was the "you and me" decade. She says, "It was all out there. What did we have? 'The Joy of Sex' one of the big books then."

To which Worley interrupted, saying she had never gotten that book. She began to look for it on the coffee table displaying such '70s memorabilia as the Magic Eight Ball, Baby Alive and the Weebles.

There were quite racy shows around that decade, Worley noted, "I did a million 'Love American Style.' There was a 'Honeymoon Hotel.' And 'Love Boat.' Where's the book? Oh. You guys go ahead. Talk among yourself. I never got this," she quipped.

But the show for which Worley is best known is the quirky "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In." Worley was a member of the ensemble cast that also included Ruth Buzzi, Artie Johnson and Judy Carne. Worley was also involved in musical variety shows headlined by acts such as The Jackson 5, Andy Williams, Sonny & Cher, Tom Jones, and Bob Hope.

Worley says people still come up to her to talk about the show and her outfits.

She says the hair she had then was not her own. "I didn't want to sit and have them do my hair, so I had my own bangs and I put that scarf on. I was out of makeup in a minute."

And of course, who can forget her signature laugh? "That's my laugh," Worley notes. She swung her long string of white "Pop-It" pearls and encouraged Storm to give it a try.

The 10-hour VH1 series is comprised of clips and interviews with celebrities talking about the music, television, fashion, products, fads and trends that defined that decade.

"I Love the 70s" airs all this week at 9 p.m.

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