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​Results of Freddie Gray investigation won't be made public

The Baltimore Police Department says it will not release to the public the findings of an investigation into Freddie Gray's death that they will give the state attorney's office
The Baltimore Police Department says it will ... 03:26

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore Police Department said Wednesday the results of its investigation into the Freddie Gray's death will go directly to the State's Attorney's Office, not to the public.

"We cannot release all of this information to the public because if there is a decision to charge in any event by the State's Attorney's Office, the integrity of that investigation has to be protected," said Police Captain Eric Kowalczyk.

As kids went back to school in Baltimore Wednesday, police remained on high alert for renewed violence around the city. But afternoon protests were peaceful, though community leaders worry that could change after protesters learn the findings won't be made public.

"They should not expect an indictment, they should not expect an arrest, they should not expect anyone called in to account, they should not expect satisfying answers to unsettling questions," said Cornell Brooks, the President of the NAACP. "All they can expect is a step forward."

CBS News met Brooks in West Baltimore where 23 percent of black men ages 16 to 64 are unemployed; one out of four doesn't have a high school diploma.

Cornell Brooks, President of the NAACP CBS News

"When we have a community nearly empty of jobs that's a problem," said Brooks. "And so there's this long simmering anger and resentment where people don't feel that they have full access to what most Americans and what most people here would call the American dream. People need jobs, they need opportunity."

Brooks told us he thinks in communities like West Baltimore, the lid stays on for too long and then boils over. We sensed that frustration in Kevin Oliver and others who believe someone is to blame for Freddie Gray's death.

"To me it is self-explanatory. It is just who is going to be accountable for what happened to him there," said Oliver.

The State's Attorney's Office is conducting its own investigation separate from the police department. It's also not clear when those results will be made public.

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