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Restraining orders issued to husband and father in Susan Powell case

Susan Powell, right, at a church function with her husband Josh Powell, left, Dec. 5, 2009
Susan Powell with her husband Josh Powell. AP Photo/Suzy Guzman

(CBS/KIRO/AP) SEATTLE - Josh Powell, the husband of missing Utah mother Susan Powell, and his father-in-law, Chuck Cox were ordered Tuesday to stay away from each other. The hearing had been called to address a request for a restraining order by Powell against Cox, but instead the commissioner issued an anti-harassment order and made it mutual, reports CBS affiliate KIRO.

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Powell also requested to have Cox kept away from Powell's two young sons, Cox's grandchildren, but that was also denied. However, Commissioner Wendy Zicht did bar Cox from going to his grandsons' school.

The request for the restraining order came as new revelations surfaced about Susan Powell and Josh Powell's father, Steve Powell.

Cox told KIRO that his daughter moved to Utah years ago to "get away" from her father-in-law, who she did not like. According to Cox, he made her feel "uncomfortable."

JoVonna Owings, a friend of Susan Powell said, "[Steve Powell] told [Susan] one time that he was in love with her and then he said to her, 'How are we going to tell Josh?'"

Steve Powell denies the women's claims.

"It's not true; I never made any advances toward her," he said, reports the station.

Meanwhile, Josh Powell, who police have called a person of interest in his wife's disappearance, is also talking about releasing pages from her journal. He says it could show why she may have walked away from her family.

Chuck Cox said he is prepared to take legal action if the journal entries are publicized.

Cox also said he hadn't heard from detectives in West Valley City, Utah, who spent days over the weekend searching the desert near Ely, Nevada, some four hours away.

Susan Powell was last seen at her West Valley City, Utah, home on Dec. 6, 2009. Police identified her husband as a person of interest after he claimed to have taken their two boys, then ages 2 and 4, on a midnight camping trip in sub-freezing temperatures.

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