Reporter: Romney foreign policy "a work in progress"

Mitt Romney speaks during a rally at Tradition Town Square on October 7, 2012 in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Riding the wave of a strong debate performance, Mitt Romney will offer strong words against the president at a foreign policy speech Monday at the Virginia Military Institute, where he will imply that some of the president's decisions were based on politics, CBS News' Jan Crawford reports on "CBS This Morning."

"In a major speech on foreign policy, Romney will attack Mr. Obama's leadership and set out his strategy, promising I'll affirm that my duty is not to my political prospects but to the security of the nation," Crawford said. "Romney will challenge the president's handling of the Middle East saying it's time to change course."

John Dickerson, CBS News' political director, previewed Romney's foreign policy speech on "CTM," saying there are a few differences between the president's and Romney's foreign policy, which he said is still "a work in progress."

Certainly Governor Romney's positions towards Russia is a much more aggressive one. On China particularly in the question of currency manipulation, there are stark differences. What you've seen from the excerpts, this is tone. One of the reasons why people liked president Obama when he came into office is that he was going to change America's posture in the world. It's just as messy as it's ever been and there's a suggestion that maybe things weren't as promised with President Obama. But there's also an opportunity here for Governor Romney to look like a president, to look like a leader."

Meanwhile, CBS News' Nancy Cordes reports that President Obama acknowledged his poor debate performance at a fundraiser Sunday night in California, and his surrogates on the Sunday political shows reinforced that message, with adviser David Axelrod adding that the president is his own "harshest critic" and will take measures to improve in the next debate.

On Monday, Mr Obama is set to continue his fundraising swing on the West Coast.

"The president had two fundraisers in Los Angeles [Sunday], three more in San Francisco today. We learned his campaign raked in $181 million in the month of September alone, the largest one-month haul of this presidential campaign," Cordes said.