Report: Tom Sizemore kicked off movie set for allegedly molesting 11-year-old girl in 2003

Tom Sizemore in 2014

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A new report claims that actor Tom Sizemore was booted off the set of movie "Born Killers" for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old actress on set in 2003. 

A dozen people involved with the production of the film told The Hollywood Reporter that Sizemore was sent home from the movie set after the girl told her mother the actor had touched her genitals. The alleged incident took place when the young actress had to sit on Sizemore's lap for photos that would be used in the film. Sizemore allegedly either rubbed his finger against the girl's vagina or inserted it inside. 

Actress Robyn Adamson, who portrayed Sizemore's wife in the film, said of the girl during the photo shoot, "At one point her eyes got just huge, like she could've vomited. I was watching her. She soon reintegrated and kept going, although she had trouble taking direction. Later, when I was told about what happened, I knew exactly what it was." 

Casting director Catrine McGregor said the girl's agent told her the child reported it to her mother the next day, as she was getting ready to go swimming.

"When the girl put on her bathing suit, she told her mother that it reminded her of the day before, in an upsetting way — that the bathing suit's contact against her felt like what happened when the man had put his finger inside her," McGregor told THR. McGregor said she filed a complaint with the Screen Actors Guild's legal department and said Sizemore should be immediately dismissed from the project. SAG declined to comment.

The girl, whom THR did not identify at her request, and her mother reportedly spoke to the police at the time but did not press charges. 

When producer Michael Manshel confronted Sizemore, he said Sizemore responded, "I've done a lot of awful things, and I'd never do anything with kids." Manshel said they later called back Sizemore for reshoots, saying, "We had a fiduciary responsibility to complete the film so we decided to go about business as usual — lacking the evidence of what happened that day. ... We took the allegation extremely seriously and we were willing to do anything, including dismissing Tom. We just couldn't be police, judge and jury."

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