Report: "I Molested My Grandchildren"

NEWBERRY, S.C. (CBS/AP) A South Carolina man was recovering in a Columbia hospital Wednesday after a weekend attack by his own children, who say he molested his grandchildren.

Newberry Police Chief Jackie Swindler said the 54-year-old man is still recovering and has yet not been charged. Newberry County sheriff's deputies say he will face charges involving criminal sexual conduct with a minor and a lewd act on a child.

His children accuse him of molesting three of his grandchildren and an additional child in the family. Authorities are still reviewing the case. No charges have been filed against the man's children for attacking him after they learned of the abuse.

"Obviously, I have seen things in my career where people have taken justice in to their own hands," Swindler said, adding that most people don't go that far. "They call law enforcement and let the criminal system handle it."

According to police reports, the man was confronted Sunday night by his adult children and attacked after he admitted molesting the children. One of his daughters took him to a jail after the beating. That's when the man told an officer, "I molested my grandchildren."

The South Carolina grandfather, holding a blood soaked towel, was taken to a hospital for treatment after the beating, Newberry County Sheriff's Maj. Todd Johnson said.

The man is not a registered sex offender, but has prior arrests for driving under the influence, armed robbery, public intoxication and simple possession of marijuana.

His name was not released to avoid identifying the victims.

"This is a double tragedy," Johnson said of the alleged molestation and subsequent beating.