Report: Anti-abortion hackers target Planned Parenthood

The website of women's health care provider Planned Parenthood was hacked late Sunday night by anti-abortion activists, the Daily Dot reports.

The infiltrators claimed to have released Planned Parenthood's website databases, along with the names and email addresses of the organization's employees. They've promised to begin releasing internal emails soon.

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The group claiming responsibility called itself "3301." One of its members, identified only as "E," told the Daily Dot about the political motivation behind the attack.

"Trying to mold an atrocious monstrosity into socially acceptable behaviors is repulsive," E explained. "Obviously what [Planned Parenthood] does is a very ominous practice. It'll be interesting to see what surfaces when [Planned Parenthood] is stripped naked and exposed to the public."

Planned Parenthood's chief information officer, Tom Subak, told the publication that the group had not detected any intrusion into its web systems.

"We think we have really good security, especially on flagging suspicious behavior," he said. "We have not [received any flags]."

Planned Parenthood has been under a political microscope in recent days following the release of an edited spycam video that showed one of the organization's directors discussing how fetus organs and tissues are donated to medical research.

The employee used some indelicate language in describing abortion procedures, and Planned Parenthood's critics said the video revealed the organization's cavalier attitude regarding human life.

Democrats have defended Planned Parenthood, pointing out the breadth of important medical work it does beyond abortion and accusing the video's progenitors of selective editing. Republicans, though, have used the incident to wage fresh attacks on a group that has long been in their crosshairs. Many of the GOP's presidential candidates have vowed to strip the organization's federal funding if they take the White House.