Renewed protests over police violence spark clashes


Protesters face off with Baton Rouge police in riot gear across the street from the police department on July 8, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mark Wallheiser, Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- Across the country this weekend, demonstrators are taking to the streets and raising their voices against police brutality. There has been trouble in several cities.

Protesters demonstrate nationwide 01:49

Tensions between the public and police boiled over for yet another night Friday. About a thousand protesters clashed with police dressed in riot gear in downtown Phoenix.

"They should not have pepper sprayed anybody. They pepper sprayed children," demonstrator Mariah Daniels told CBS News. "Now, if you have to go as far as pepper spraying children, you're the problem."

A similar scene played out in Baton Rouge, where Alton Sterling was killed on Tuesday.

Cameras captured an officer pointing a weapon at protesters. Another video showed a woman being tackled to the ground.

In Rochester, New York, as a line of police advanced, demonstrators sat in the street in a show of civil disobedience. Police made more than 70 arrests and apologized for detaining two local journalists covering the story.

The largest turnout may have been in downtown Atlanta, where thousands marched for justice. Police created a barricade of officers and vehicles to keep the crowd off the highway.

And in Los Angeles, the city's mayor and police chief met with some high-profile protesters, including rapper Snoop Dogg.

"A lot of these people back here are outraged because they don't have communication with the police and we're trying to bridge the gap and become the communication so we can run down the dialogue back to them, as far as what we talked about," the rapper said after the meeting.

Jay Z, Beyonce and now Serena Williams -- fresh off her Wimbledon win -- have joined lawmakers in calling for non-violence.

Protesters vow to continue marching until widespread changes in police training are made.