Heavy hearts for Dallas at LAPD graduation ceremony

LAPD gets new recruits on tough day
LAPD gets new recruits on tough day 02:23

Friday was graduation day for dozens of new police officers in Los Angeles. The stage was set for celebration.

"Today was supposed to be a happy day. But we come here today with tears in our eyes," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

There were heavy hearts for Dallas tragedy during a graduation ceremony for LAPD cadets Friday, July 8, 2016. CBS News

Weighing heavily on the minds and in the hearts of those in attendance were the images from Dallas.

"You didn't become police officers out of fear. You became police officers out of hope. You didn't become police officers because you were scared. You become police officers because you love," he said.

Trina Nunley's daughter, Felicia, was one of 40 new cadets to join the Los Angeles Police Department.

"Of course it worries me," Nunley said of her daughter being in the force while police departments across the country are under fire. "They targeting the police, but on the other hand I'm there with her so if something happen to her, it happens to me, too."

Trina Nunley hugs her daughter, Felicia, at the graduation ceremony for the newest class of LAPD officers. CBS News

Chief Charlie Beck personally welcomed each new officer.

"Have empathy. Try to look into people's hearts," he said. "And you must always, always do the right thing."

Nick Wilts graduated at the top of his class, and wore a black band on his arm at today's ceremony.

"We're all grieving, it's heartbreaking," he said.

Carrying that grief, he says, will always be part of the job.

"If you know something tragic happens, you don't get a moment to pause. You have to get back out there and serve the community and that is what we are planning on doing," he said.

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