Regretful Robber Sends New York Shopkeeper Mohammad Sohail an Apology Letter and Money

Photo: Surveillance still of Mohammad Sohail subduing a would-be robber.

SHIRLEY, N.Y. (CBS/AP) Mohammad Sohail, the Long Island store owner who showed mercy on a thief who tried to rob his convenience store earlier this year, got a special letter that made it all worthwhile.

It contained $50 and an apology.

In May, a bat-wielding robber tried to rob Sohail's store, but Sohail pulled out a rifle and quickly turned the tables.

When the robber tearfully told Sohail he was only trying to feed his family, the shopkeeper took pity on him. He gave him $40 and a loaf of bread. He also made the assailant promise he would not rob again.

It was an unusual strategy, but Sohail said it worked.

The convenience store owner now says he's received an apology note and $50 in the mail. The note said the would-be robber has a new job, a new child, and is staying out of trouble.

Sohail told the New York newspaper Newsday that he is saving the $50 to give to charity.

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