Recalled Eggs Could Wind up on Store Shelves


by Laura Strickler, and Elaine Quijano

CBS News has learned that some of the recalled eggs that were returned to Wright County Egg farm in Iowa, were then sent to an egg processing facility.  Once at the facility, they were turned into products that could end up on your supermarket shelf.

Wright County Egg told CBS News that they did not know how many of those recalled eggs had been sent to the egg processing facilities. The FDA says this is not a violation of FDA regulations because the "eggs are being processed in the correct way." Egg processing facilities break eggs, cook and pasteurize them.

The rest of the recalled eggs were destroyed at various retail outlets.

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Even as investigators continue to search for the source of the salmonella outbreak, hens at the two Iowa farms linked to the massive recall continue to lay eggs. 

The FDA told CBS News both Hillandale Farms and Wright County Egg are sending eggs laid today to egg processing facilities where they are pasteurized processed and sold.

Food safety experts say there's little risk for consumers - despite the fact that these egg processing facilities are regulated by the USDA - the same agency that failed to identify the contamination at the Wright County Egg farm.

"Once you've taken the action to klill the bacteria, then it's fine to put it into these other products," said Michael Hansen of the Consumers Union.  "So I wouldn't be worried about eating a pasteurized egg product that came from these recalled eggs."

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