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Real Results from Business Blogging

If you're wondering whether or not to blog for your business, here are two examples to get you going:
  • Bill Marriott's blog: Marriott, the CEO of his chain, started blogging just to be part of the revolution, according to corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil. But lo and behold, his blog started generating click throughs to Marriott's online reservation center.
    • Message: business blogging has the potential to generate incremental business
  • Miller Brewing's Brew Blog: As reported in a great story in the Wall Street Journal last week, Miller Brewing has set up a journalistic blog about the beer industry. One of the blog's favorite topics: Miller's biggest competitor, Anheuser Busch.
    • Message: check out the Brew Blog -- it's journalism, folks. They hired a reporter to run it and I dare you to show me the difference journalistically between this blog owned by a brewery and a media outlet owned by, say, General Electric (owners of NBC and MSNBC among others). Having set it up and made it credible, Miller is now free to use it to report on its competitors or anyone else, and as long as it stays factual, it will be influential.
On the Bulldog Reporter PR Management Roundtable webinar that I hosted last week on business blogging, Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems summed up the case for business blogging this way: "If you're not participating, you're putting your company at risk."