Razor thin race in Va., early exit polling shows

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Barack Obama Mitt Romney us electoral map

The presidential race is razor thin in the key state of Virginia, where polls are now closed, according to CBS News early exit polling.

As of 7 p.m. ET, polls are closed in a total of six states. CBSs News projects Mitt Romney will win Indiana, a red state President Obama won by one point in 2008, as well as Kentucky, giving him 19 electoral votes so far.

Mr. Obama is projected to win one state where the polls have closed, Vermont, for three electoral votes.

Polls have closed in Georgia and South Carolina as well, but results have yet to come in.

The race to 270 electoral votes -- the minimum number needed to win the Electoral College and take the White House -- will come down to a handful of battleground states, including Virginia. In 2008, Mr. Obama won Virginia by seven points, making him the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state since 1964.

Early exit polling shows Romney leads among men in Virginia, while Mr. Obama leads among women. There are also large divides when it comes to race and age.