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California dad brought to U.S. as a 2-year-old faces deportation

PACOIMA, Calif. -- A California father remains in an ICE detention center and his family wants him home. CBS Los Angeles spoke with Raymond Torres' fiance, Araceli Galvez, who was planning their upcoming wedding until a few days ago. 

The couple was planning to marry in April on their 10th anniversary. But now, Galvez is holding fundraisers at Torres' mother's restaurant in Pacoima. 

"Where you are born shouldn't determine how your life and your future should be in this world," said Galvez. "Everyone's the same. You guys are breaking up families and it's not fair."

According to Galvez, Torres was picked up by ICE on Jan. 11 while dropping their young son off at school. The family believes the 30-year-old was targeted because he had a DUI years ago and was also busted as a teenager for marijuana possession.

The family says Torres was brought to the U.S. from Mexico — illegally — as a 2-year-old, and he built his life in Southern California. He coached youth football, worked at a solar panel company and had two children with Galvez.

The family has hired a lawyer and they are collecting letters from the kids he coaches and co-workers, telling the judge about his character.

Torres' family remains nervous about which way the hearing will go on Thursday. They are hopeful a judge will grant him bail so that he can fight his deportation. 

CBS Los Angeles reached out to ICE and immigration officials but has yet to hear back.