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Rapper Bun B shoots armed intruder at his Houston home

Rapper Bun B shot an armed robber at his Houston home after the robber allegedly pulled a gun on his wife when she opened the door, police said. Police said Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, exchanged gunfire with the suspect when he tried to flee from the rapper's car.

The UGK rapper's wife, Queen Freeman, had opened the door thinking it was a delivery, police said. She told the suspect he could take a vehicle, said attorney Charles Adams. "Her fear was that this was someone trying to target her husband, so she gave him the car keys and all the possessions she had," Adams said.

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Bun B performs at New Era Cap's flagship store in Toronto on February 12, 2016 Tom Szczerbowski / Getty

Queen told Bun B the suspect was in the garage with a gun, police said. Bun B saw him in the driver's seat and fired shots at the suspect, police said, before the suspect tried to run. Bun B allegedly chased him and Bun B said he saw him take his mask off, but the suspect got away, police said.

The suspected robber, Demonte Alif Jackson, was later arrested at a local hospital, police said. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and one count of burglary and held on a $120,000 bond. Jackson was shot in the shoulder.

The rapper identified him as the suspect, police said. Neither Bun B or his wife were injured.

"I've had messages from the Middle East and Europe, everyone is concerned about Bun and Queen. Although they're physically fine, the wounds, emotional wounds, I can't speak to how long they'll take to heal," Adams told KHOU-TV. "But it is really a story of two people that truly love each other and risked their lives to save each other. And I just thank God that both of them are okay."

Justin Bey contributed to this report.

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