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Ramstad Being Pressured To Reconsider?

Republican leaders in Minnesota and Washington, DC, have asked retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad to re-consider his decision to step down, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

His chief of staff released a statement to the paper Tuesday confirming GOP leaders in Washington have encouraged him to reverse his decision to retire and seek another term, according to a post on the newspaper's website.

In a separate statement, the aide said his boss has no plan to run for re-election, despite "the huge number of Minnesotans urging him to reconsider."

If true, this isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for the field of potential GOP successors, but an about-face by Ramstad could save the National Republican Congressional Committee a ton of cash on the campaign trail.

And if he did change his mind, he wouldn't be the first Republican to renege on his promise to step down...Elton Gallegly did it last year in a very confusing episode. (And of course, there's also everyone's favorite senator from Idaho...and I'm not talking about Mike Crapo.)