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Ramsey Grand Jury Scrutinizes Note

A ransom note found at the home where the body of JonBenet Ramsey was discovered is turning into a key piece of evidence for the grand jury that is investigating the murder of the six-year-old beauty queen.

Correspondent Raj Chohan of CBS affiliate KCNC reports that handwriting expert Chet Ubowski of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has appeared for a second day before the Boulder County grand jury hearing evidence in the homicide case.

The two-and-one-half page ransom note, which demanded $118,000, was found in the Ramseys' former home only hours before the body was discovered there on Dec. 26, 1996.

Ubowski had concluded earlier in the investigation that the note was not written by the slain girl's father John Ramsey, but could have been written by JonBenet's mother, Patsy Ramsey.

The Ramseys have hired their own analysts to dispute Ubowski's findings.

Ubowski first gave testimony to the grand jury on October 15.

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