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Problems with Windows 7? This Free E-Book Might Help

Based on my experiences so far, Windows 7 is a fairly trouble-free operating system. That said, problems are bound to arise.

Before you call tech support, however, Microsoft is hoping you'll read What You Can Do Before You Call Tech Support -- a free e-book that introduces Windows 7's built-in "troubleshooters" and explains some of the more common problems that can cause, well, problems.

This 12-page guide is available in XPS and PDF formats. It's written with a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek style by Microsoft MVP Mitch Tulloch, author of the new book Windows 7 Resource Kit (which, FYI, is a decidedly IT-oriented tome).

If you're new to Windows 7 (and aren't we all at this point?), I definitely recommend giving this a read. Just one complaint, though: Why aren't the screenshots in color, especially when the author refers to color-specific elements of those screenshots?