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Princess Leia gets a "Beauty and the Beast" musical parody

(CBS News) The Internet continues to be obsessed with the merging of Star Wars into the Disney family. Last week we saw a wonderful musical parody of Disney princesses welcoming Princess Leia into the fold. Today we see Princess Leia get the Belle treatment in a fun play on "Beauty and the Beast" (with more princess introductions). I'd recommend watching in high-definition.

The wonderful rendition of the classic song "Bonjour", with a playful twist on lyrics, stars Marisha Ray as Princess Leia, was written and executive produced by Erika Cervantes, produced and choreographed by Linda Yvette Chavez, directed by by Emily McGregor and posted by Comediva.  Another amazing addition to the musical parodies of these two franchises coming together that has earned a triple-rainbow salute of love from us here at The Feed!  And if you'd like to check out more amusing work from Comediva, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

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