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Prince, Kate to Honeymoon Near Home: Report

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly booking a stay-at-home honeymoon.

On "The Early Show" Monday, co-anchor Erica Hill reported the couple, aware of how the economy has hurt their fellow Britons, is most likely to honeymoon in the Isles of Scilly, just off the coastal town of Penzance, according to The Mail On Sunday.

Prince William, Hill noted, has fond memories of the Isles, famous for picturesque lighthouses and unspoiled beaches. He vacationed there in 1989 when he was just 7 years old with his brother Harry and parents, Charles and Diana.A domestic honeymoon is not only in keeping with the couple's low-key lifestyle, sources say, it also makes security a far easier task.

"Very local yokel for them," co-anchor Marysol Castro said.

Co-anchor Chris Wragge said, "Well, the theory is, with the rest of the country still in an economic downturn, that this might be a little bit more fiscally responsible, to do something close to home, something nice and local where they're not spending an extravagant amount of money."

Co-anchor Jeff Glor said, "It's still nice."

Wragge said, "Yes. Without a doubt."

Hill joked, "Maybe we should all take a field trip to find out just how nice it is!"

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