Prince Harry's royal road to Rio

(CBS News) RIO DE JANEIRO - For the past week, Britain's Prince Harry has been touring the Caribbean, celebrating his grandmother's Diamond Jubilee -- 60 years on the throne. His journey has taken him from Belize to the Bahamas, then on to Jamaica.

His last stop is Brazil, where he'll transition from representing the queen to representing the British government. The 27-year-old prince will work to boost U.K. business and try to lure tourists to visit Britain. But he may be seen quite differently than he was just a week ago.

In just seven days, Harry has turned the media commentary from where he might party toward his diplomatic abilities. Only a prince could pull off a week like this.

His three-nation tribute at times seemed as much about the queen as it did about Prince Harry himself, showcasing both the prince's stamina and range.

Harry has also likely benefited from a little brotherly advice -- from another prince. CBS News learned that the two brothers have chatted by phone and texted throughout the trip, and Prince William helped him with tips on how to balance "fun and formality."

From state dinners, to sporting events, Harry danced to Bob Marley, piloted a helicopter and showed respect to six British troops killed in Afghanistan.

The prince's abilities will be tested even more in Brazil, and time will tell if his royal charm will have an effect in a country with no ties to the crown and where Portuguese is the official language. The prince does share his country's love of sports, and part of his mission is to promote the Olympics in London later this year -- in a country that will host the next summer games in 2016.

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