Preview: Candice Bergen says she gets "all weepy" before every episode of "Murphy Brown"


"Murphy Brown" star and executive producer Candice Bergen and show creator Diane English talk about the timeliness of rebooting the series 20 years later.

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Candice Bergen, the star and executive producer of CBS' "Murphy Brown," gets emotional on the nights the comedy is filmed, she tells Lee Cowan in an interview for "Sunday Morning," to be broadcast Sept. 23.

Bergen, show creator Diane English, and the cast of the series – which returns this fall to CBS twenty years after a successful 10-year run on the network – sat down with Cowan to talk about the new season, the meaning of the show, and why now is the right time for it to be back on television.

"Every show night I start getting all weepy, and Faith [Ford] comes in and she says, you know, 'Can-do. You can do this.' I know, but it's so much," Bergen tells Cowan.

Why does she get weepy? "I think it's just the show was so important to so many of us when we were doing it," Bergen says. "You really connect on a level that's deeper, I think, than usual."

Murphy Brown
The cast of "Murphy Brown," 2018. Top row from left: Nik Dodani, Grant Shaud and Jake McDorman. Bottom row from left: Tyne Daly, Faith Ford, Candice Bergen and Joe Regalbuto. Robert Tractenberg/CBS

In its first run on CBS, the series earned multiple Emmy Awards, critical acclaim, and made headlines because it tackled hot-button issues, such as alcoholism, cancer and single parenting.

Creator Diane English tells Cowan the new version of "Murphy Brown" will touch on even more topical issues, such as gun control and immigration. Given the current news environment, English suspects the show will generate some attention now, too.

"We have 13 episodes, we're here to make some noise," English said. "We're expecting, you know, a certain amount of backlash yeah. But, we used to get it … in the old days, too."

English, Bergen, and co-stars Ford, Joe Regalbuto, Grant Shaud, Jake McDorman, Nik Dodani and Adan Rocha talk with Cowan about the season ahead, the impact of the broadcast and more. 

Lee Cowan interviews returning "Murphy Brown" cast members Joe Regalbuto Faith Ford and Grant Shaud.  CBS News

"Murphy Brown" debuts Sept. 27 at 9:30 p.m. on the CBS Television Network.

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