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Press Secretary Gibbs Explains Tech Woes At Debut Briefing

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
President Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs made his debut in the White House press briefing room just before 4 p.m. today sporting a brand new White House pass.

He was instantly inundated by reporters hungry for information, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reports. He came armed with a few jokes about his own difficulties making the transition – especially on the technological front.

Apparently, his White House e-mail is up and running, and his first e-mail at that account was a transcript of the president's inaugural address, Knoller reports.

Katie Couric noted that Gibbs joked that despite that he hasn't yet figured out how to log into his computer, but noted that his keyboard seemed completely intact – a lighthearted nod to the Clinton-Bush transition in 2001, where in an apparent prank, some Clinton staffers left the White House with souvenir "W" keys.

He commented on Mr. Obama's secretary of state pick, Hilllary Clinton, saying that if he is not confirmed today by the Senate, Gibbs said "we'll go tomorrow." And he said he expects the Finance Committee to vote on treasury secretary nominee Tim Geithner on Thursday.

As for the new president, Gibbs does expect he will spend a bit of time in the Oval Office today. Is the Commander-in-Chief all set with his computer logins and such? There's no word on that yet. What about his trusty Blackberry, which he's been rumored to be allowed to keep? Knoller reports Gibbs said he'd try to find out and get back to us.

Earlier today, Gibbs appeared on The Early Show, where he addressed whether Joe Biden was offered the chance to be vice president or secretary of state. You can read or watch the interview here.

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