Presidential Predictions

Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson is shown in this Aug. 1, 2000 file photo in Philadelphia. Robertson said Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003, that he has prostate cancer and will undergo surgery to remove his prostate gland.
I just could not believe it when I saw in the paper that Pat Robertson said, 'God had told him George Bush was going to win the election,' and not just win but win in a blowout, a walk.

'Gee,' I thought, 'the president does look pretty strong right now, but if God starts leaking these results eight months before the election, these races aren't going to be much fun and it will be hell on Earth for the candidates.' If people know who's going to win, the candidates won't be able to raise a dime and they won't be able to buy TV commercials and that could put the whole economy in the dumper.

Well, not to worry. I think my heavenly sources are just as good as Pat Robertson's and my source says there was nothing to this story. He says, 'Robertson must have misunderstood.'

The way my source explained it, `God does know who's going to win all right. He knows everything. But,' he said, `God would never tell that kind of thing. It would ruin all of it.'

`He wouldn't tell that any more than he would tell the winning Powerball numbers,' he said. And he said, `You have no idea the kinds of deals people try to make with God to get those numbers.'

I thought that's how it was, but it's sure good to get it from a source at the highest level.

By Bob Schieffer