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Trump pardons 2 turkeys at the White House in annual tradition

Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkey
Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkey 06:30

President Trump pardoned a turkey named "Peas" at a White House ceremony Tuesday afternoon, after the majority of Americans cast votes for that turkey's pardon over one named "Carrots." But the president also granted Carrots a pardon, too. 

Neither has committed a crime, at least, not to anyone's knowledge, but the well-timed reprieve at least means that they will spend retirement at a farm in southwestern Virginia. Peas and Carrots hail from a farm near Huron, South Dakota.

"That turkey is so lucky. I've never seen such a beautiful turkey," Mr. Trump said of Peas. The president joked about his decision, alluding to recounts which occurred in the Florida gubernatorial and Senate races last week, which Republicans ultimately won. "Unfortunately, Carrots refused to concede, and called for a recount," Mr. Trump said.

He also joked that Peas and Carrots would be issued subpoenas by House Democrats, and that his pardons of the turkeys would be enjoined by the 9th Circuit Court, which has often ruled against Mr. Trump's policies.

Making it to the White House isn't an easy road for the turkeys. The presidential flock, raised under the supervision of the National Turkey Federation and turkey grower Ruben Waldner, is comprised of 50 turkeys. Those turkeys hatched in July, and only Peas and Carrots made it to the final round. One will become the national Thanksgiving turkey, and the other, its alternate, according to the White House.

Last year, Mr. Trump pardoned a turkey named Drumstick.

Their retirement may not be too long, though, given the brief lifespans of overfed domestic turkeys. The Guardian notes that last year's turkeys, Drumstick and Wishbone, are already deceased.

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