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Pope Francis touches families separated by U.S.-Mexico border

Pope Francis showed his support for migrants on his last day in Mexico

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Pope Francis showed his support for migrants on his last day in Mexico Wednesday, celebrating Mass in a border town where many Mexicans have risked their lives trying to enter the United States.

Before 200,000 people and just 50 yards from the U.S. border, Francis brought a message of hope to migrants who seek a better life.

Pope Francis jumps into immigration discussion

"We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis," Francis said, acknowledging that many who migrate are enslaved, imprisoned and extorted.

The Pope also walked to the border fence to pray for those who made it across -- and for those who didn't.

People started pouring in before dawn to get a good spot. Some came on foot from Texas.

More than 50,000 thousand people cross this border between El Paso and Juarez every day. There are some who want to see the Pope, but won't risk leaving the U.S.

"I would have loved to be there with my fellow Mexicans," one devout Catholic told CBS News.

Pope Francis brings message of hope to youth in Mexico

But she can't -- she's undocumented and has lived in El Paso for 26 years. She asked CBS News not to use her name.

"My kids and I feel all alone here." she said. Her husband was deported 13 years ago and they haven't seen each other since -- even though he lives just two-and-a-half miles away in Juarez.

She cried speaking about her divided family but said the pope's visit gives her hope.

"Above all else I have faith," she said.

Some American-born children of undocumented immigrants are crossing the border on their own to see the pope. Like one boy, whose sign said he wants to be a priest.

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