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POLL: Should Women Breast-Feed Anywhere?

Should women feel free to breast-feed wherever and whenever they want to? (iStockPhoto) iStockPhotos

(CBS) There's no longer any real debate about it: breast is best for babies.

Pediatricians agree that breast-feeding offers all kinds of health benefits. For the baby, the benefits include reduced risk of ear infections and diarrhea during childhood, as well as a lower risk of diabetes and obesity in adulthood.

PICTURES: 9 Places "They" Say Not to Breast-Feed

For mom, breast-feeding speeds the loss of weight gained during pregnancy.

"We encourage exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months," says breast-feeding expert Dr. Sharon Mass, a Morristown, N.J. obstetrician who serves on the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee, a federal agency set up to promote breast-feeding.

But because some people continue to be embarrassed by the sight of a bare breast, where and when women breast-feed remains a controversial subject.

What's good "breast etiquette""

Is it okay to breast-feed in a restaurant? On a park bench? How about an airplane? Or at church?

Here are nine breast-feeding situations that give some women pause and make others hopping mad when challenged.

What do you think?

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