Police to investigate latest lead in missing Hoffa mystery

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 20: James R. Hoffa, then Vice-President of the Teamsters Union, testifies 20 August 1957 in Washington DC before the Senate Rackets Committee. His son, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was elected 06 December President of the 1. 4 million-strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters labor confederation. His father, the legendary James R. Hoffa headed the Teamsters, one of the two powerful US labor confederations, from 1957 to 1967. He was sent to prison for jury tampering and fraud in the late 1960s and disappeared without a trace in 1975, presumably killed by former Mafia associates. (Photo credit should read AL MUTO/AFP/Getty Images)

(CBS/AP) ROSEVILLE, Mich. - Police in a Detroit suburb plan to take soil samples from under a driveway Friday after a tipster said it could be the final resting place of missing Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa.

According to CBS Detroit, the latest tip comes from a man dying of cancer.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin says the man claims to have seen a body buried there approximately 35 years ago. Berlin says the man believes it could be Hoffa.

He says the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality recently found "an anomaly" while using radar to check the driveway on Florida Street, near 12 Mile and Gratiot. After the Friday dig, a soil sample will be sent to a forensic anthropologist at Michigan State University to check for human remains.

Local mob expert Scott Burnstein, author of "Motor City Mafia," said the area in and around Roseville was a hotbed for mob activity in Hoffa's era -- but he also thinks it's not likely Hoffa's remains were buried.

Many, including Burnstein, believe his body was destroyed.

Hoffa disappeared in suburban Detroit in 1975, and his remains haven't been found. The FBI had no immediate comment.